bust the drip

Mural artist. Painter. Hip hop dancer. Bust the Drip does it all to express the movements in life. Inspired by Jackson Pollock and MODE 2, the eminent French artist picked up his first can at 30 years old. Today, he creates masterpieces in a league of its own.

While he sees both graffiti and mural as a form of self-expression, Bust the Drip considers himself more of a mural artist on the wall and a painter when he is working on the canvas.

His creativity is manifested through the interplay of his mural artwork and street style hip hop dancing. “I practise both and they feed off each other.” Using pictorial technique and various body flow movements, he dances and paints it both.

His straight-up advice to the next generation of street artists – “Meditate and take action. It brings you the life to live.”

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