pony x 3.paradis

PONY and 3.Paradis teamed up for a capsule collection titled * Far Away From Home *. Designed by 3.Paradis Creative Director, Emeric Tchatchoua, this collaboration combines the street athletic aesthetic of PONY with a mix of collaged silhouettes and exaggerated utility.

The concept of “HOME” and “AWAY” acts as a uniform for athlete playing home or away. “HOME” in white and “AWAY” in black. PONY classic silhouettes: the Vintage Slamdunk and Topstar are reinterpreted, featuring woven lace guard, studded toe cap, transparent outsole and the PONY chevron in reflective 3M on a leather upper.

PONY x 3.Paradis lookbook was styled by Vanille Verloes and features Bloody Osiris, Bloody Dior and Cyber69 as its models. 3.Paradis is a contemporary fashion label that produces clothing pieces influenced from philosophical ideals and popular culture, where often a hybrid product is created from the unlikely encounter of two paradoxical realities.