pony x ricky powell

The legendary photographer Ricky Powell has become PONY’s ambassador. As a product of New York himself, it was only natural that Ricky would one day hook up with PONY.

Ricky wore all kinds of sneakers and Pony came into his life in college. He still remembers watching ‘Cornbread’ Maxwell who played for the Celtics and he really liked his style – hightop black suedes; this special edition capsule collection is greatly influenced upon it.


“The Vintage SlamDunk reminded me of the sneakers I wore to basketball camps in the 1970s. It’s cool, without being overdone, simple yet sophisticated. I chose the materials because I liked the look of the padded canvas, and I thought a coated mesh would be cool as well as practical, you know, like in case it rains, they would be water resistant.”, said Ricky Powell.

“And the silver reflector chevron will come in handy late at night, in case you’re riding your bicycle or even just walking, they could save you in case an oncoming vehicle doesn’t see you. My sneaker could be a factor in saving your bad ass.”

In addition, Ricky has always wanted to run an institute to educate the younger generation. “I sometimes would think of how I would run a school of thought, an attitude, a philosophy if I were the The ‘Prez’… It would have a somewhat unconventional / non-traditional curriculum and format… As for the ‘style of this school’ individualism is encouraged, as well as good man-ners, mutual respect… Just acting right, in chill mode.”

To that end, the tees that come with the collection are signed off with the ‘Rickford Institute’s logo.