ricky powell

In 1986, Ricky Powell ditched his job and went on tour with the Beastie Boys on Run-DMC’s “Raising Hell tour” and the photos he took became a part of hip hop history.

Today, this New York original is one of the city’s most celebrated photographer. His candid snapshots are unpretentious visual documentations of New York City life.

“I believe in being yourself, not following or imitating trends.”

Ricky’s array of work as a street photographer, writer and hip hop visual historian is inspiring but his “be yourself” belief and attitude is above all what makes him a truly unique individual.

We have been so inspired by him that we have adopted his “DO YOU” notion as part of our beliefs.

Being a product of New York himself, it was just a matter of time that Ricky would hook up with PONY. With his originality, positive attitude and genuine New York grit, we are indeed thrilled to have him onboard as a collaborator and brand ambassador.

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