steve butcher

New Zealand tattoo artist Steve Butcher is a specialist in colour portraits and photo realism. Steve has been drawing since young. He eventually pursued a degree in Fine Arts. However, the college did not offer what he really wanted, which was to create art on skin.

On the recommendation of a college friend who had seen one of his realistic paintings, he began to teach himself more about tattoo and to become better at it. His later works would grow to include Floyd Mayweather, Kobe Bryant and Eminem.

Steve’s work always has a personal meaning to his customers; ranging from pictures of loved ones to unforgettable experiences in their lives. Through the tattoos, Steve helps his customers tell their stories and express their identities.

“Don’t give up and don’t be lazy, keep pushing forward!”
To those interested in pursuing a career in tattooing, Steve insists on always working hard and pushing forward and not to be afraid of stepping outside the box.

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