stripes x b-tribe crew

It’s been a long time since B-Boy Stripes was first inspired by what he saw in a freestyle breakdancing session video. It was that very video that piqued his interest in breakdancing and led to his foray into an art he continues to dedicate himself till today.

Today, his passion is still evident every time he hits the floor.

Stripes’ dedication is exemplary. In his 15 years of breakdancing, he has never stopped. His motivation to keep going stems from many things but ultimately, it’s about putting in the hard work. As he sums it up, “I just try to work hard, have fun and keep my head on my shoulders.”

Breakdancing has taken Stripes to several places in Europe and Asia where he counts Japan and Hong Kong among his stopovers. Currently he is not only teaching but residing in China as well and for someone who never stays in a place for long, that’s quite a milestone achievement.

On his China experience, “It’s like a crazy culture shock, like living in a little bit like a parallel universe because the basic fundamentals of life are completely different.” He acknowledges that although some people might find it a little hard to take all the new experiences in, he himself is relishing the opportunity.

Recently, Stripes was in Hong Kong where he hung out with the local b-boys B-tribe Crew: Rakka, Ba1ance, Davy and Karo.

Just like Stripes, the B-tribe Crew boys are equally passionate and dedicated to their dance form. They too believe in hard work and a ‘never-give-up’ attitude. Hong Kong’s current breakdancing scene might not be on the same scale as its American counterparts, but the boys are determined to spread the love of their craft locally and along the way, influence other b-boy practitioners in the region.

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