These are the doers who walk the talk. For their
passion, their craft, and ultimately for themselves.

Those who have a bold belief that originality comes
from searching, improving and creating in order to
pursue their passion.

Favour Jonathan, Artist

Favour’s approach to her work is mirrored in
her life. Assured of who she is but with a
thirst  to learn from her culture. Change and
grow. “Floating and discovering the world…”
Honest and raw, she knows who she is.

Sara Summers-Valli, Ceramicist

In a time where pressure for perfection is
unavoidable, Sara embraces the beauty in
imperfections, relying on tactile feeling and
experimentation to create her work.
Embracing the freedom and removing the
sense of pressure to create a masterpiece.
Instead, looking to create with character.

Eric Lau, Music Producer

In his creative journey, Eric is aware of the
importance to keep integrity. Through working
hard on the fundamentals and practicing his
craft, he has been able to redefine the
expectation of ‘who should be a producer’ to
lead the wave for new creators and inspire
the next generation.